CosmoHumanism or Anek Anggo Maggo


CosmoHumanism or Anek Anggo Maggo is a book with the discourse of new Scientific Humanism,mainly from the perspective of science,truth,humanity and all others.It bases it discourse on the basis of “Many Laws and Multiple Solutions” of the Cosmos,Nature,and World,discussing the briefs of Science and Scientific Revolution;Cosmos:Consciousness;Cognitive Revolution;Many laws and Multiple Solutions of the Cosmos and Nature;Changing World and Many Laws and Multiple Solutions. The book is basically a discourse of “Science & Solutions”.It is the discovery,research,and invention of Many Laws and Multiple Solutions of Cosmos,Nature,and World based on Science,Truth,Humanity and All Others ever propounded by any one till date. This A Very Short Introduction (VSI) is profound in knowledge,information,reflection and discourse of our world. About the Author The Author Dhi. Vijay Mankar is a free thinker,an original and futuristic thinker,and a learned scholar of multidisciplinary subjects with a Post-Graduate Degree in Subsurface Geology (MSC.Tech),the Author has penned down over 30 titles,books and monographs on Dr.B.R.Ambedkar; Ambedkarism; Poona-Pact;various Public Policies;Constitution,Human Rights and Law. The Author is a leading Public Figure in India. He is thus the discoverer,researcher and inventor of CosmoHumanism as a new Scientific Humanism,ever made before by anyone in the World.”